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Join us this summer for THREE incredible nights of worship as the Community Worship Nights Summer Series visits Grandview, Indiana! Tickets for the ENTIRE summer are only $20 - no extra fees!

The Lineup of Artists Leading Worship in Your City!
5/5 - Bay Turner, Allison Eide, Charly Beathard
6/23 - Seph Schlueter, Baily Hager, Ivey Asher
7/21 - Cade Thompson, Jesse Labelle, Joseph O'Brien

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Learn more about these artists and the others involved this summer by listening to this playlist.

Series Events

May 05, 2024
Community Worship Nights - Grandview, IN, New Hope Baptist Church, Grandview, IN
Jun 23, 2024
Community Worship Nights - Grandview, IN, New Hope Baptist Church, Grandview, IN
Jul 21, 2024
Community Worship Nights - Grandview, IN, New Hope Baptist Church, Grandview, IN


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Micah Christopher

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Bay Turner

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Charly Beathard

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Ivey Asher

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Seph Schlueter

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Cade Thompson

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Joseph O'Brien

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Jesse Labelle

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Independent Christian pop artist and songwriter Ivey Asher was born and raised in the rich music and entertainment cultures of Austin, Nashville, and Los Angeles. Ivey began playing piano and writing her own original music at age 10 as a means of expressing her thoughts, feelings, ideas, and ultimately her faith. Since then Ivey has been consistently developing her craft and repertoire as a songwriter while working her way to her latest single, "Deep Blue Sea."
Ivey states,"Deep Blue Sea is the final song on my debut EP "It Was All A Dream" and is a song that celebrates the completion of my journey from hurt to healing.” Following the release of “It Was All A Dream” Ivey has been regularly releasing demo tracks via YouTube. Ivey recently celebrated signing to the Jeff Roberts Agency for booking and is planning on hitting the road as much as possible while continuing to write, record and release new music.
CLINE is a culmination of faith, family and music. While having success as musicians in the country genre, the Cline's continued their pursuit of writing songs for the body of Christ while staying rooted in the local church, and now they are ready to share that journey with the masses. Jacquelyn, Garrett and Darrick’s love for people drive their hearts and ministry as they seek to share the good news of Jesus with the world. With their music, CLINE strives to provide the soundtrack for the highs and lows of life as we all journey on this side of eternity.
Seph Schlueter
Counting My Blessings

For artist and songwriter Seph Schlueter, his debut single “Counting My Blessings” hitting No. 1 on Spotify Brazil’s Viral Playlist was beyond unexpected. It’s a story covered in God’s fingerprints, one Seph is all too happy to share.

As a young high school graduate, Seph joined a missionary group/youth retreat in Ohio as a worship leader. “I gave my life to the Lord in high school,” Seph shares, “and made the decision to give Him my whole life. I joined Damascus to be a part of bringing revival to the Catholic church, for students and families to have a real encounter with Jesus.” As he grew in leadership at Damascus, Seph was also developing his songwriting skills. The more he wrote, the more his songs gained traction within the Damascus and Catholic community. Friends encouraged him to send his songs to record labels in Nashville. “I didn’t know anyone in the music industry or where to send my music. An artist I followed on Instagram made a post thanking a bunch of people at her label, so I wrote down all their names and sent my song to them as well as a bunch of artists I looked up to. That usually doesn’t work too well,” Seph jokes.

He wasn’t expecting anyone to respond and was overwhelmed when he got a message back from Phil Wickham. He and Seph became friends and Phil eventually invited Seph to play some shows with him. Another response he received was from A&R executive Jon Sell. Jon brought Seph to Nashville and set up several co-writes, eventually becoming his manager. “The people I was writing with were terrifying to me because I would look them up before the co-writes and freak out at their resumes.” Despite his nerves, Seph worked diligently on making connections and writing new songs. The team at Provident Entertainment loved what he was doing and signed him to a record deal. His debut EP, Counting My Blessings, is a bright, Ed Sheeran-esque collection of songs filled with Seph’s organic pop sensibilities and relatable lyrics that speak to his all-consuming love for Jesus.

Lead single and viral sensation “Counting My Blessings” is a catchy, pop-fueled letter of thanks to a God who never fails. “I wrote this song with Jonathan Gamble and Jordan Sapp, both incredibly talented people. We were all in this place where we were living in the answer to prayers we’d prayed years ago. It’s easy to move on to the next dream, the next goal, but we wanted to pause and thank the Lord for where we were right then, to remember that even in the hard times, we can still look at our lives and see all the ways God has been good and faithful.” Little did Seph know he would be counting many more blessings as the song exploded both in the U.S. and Brazil. After an Instagram post using the song caught fire, it quickly flew to No. 1 in Brazil on Spotify’s Viral-50 Brazil playlist, the only English song appearing on the list.

“This song is about gratitude and that’s so universal. Everyone can relate to gratitude. In a world where there’s so much negativity and complaining and fear, to see a song blowing up about gratitude is so important.” As the song’s popularity grew, Sony Brazil artist Isadora Pompeo recorded it in Portuguese, titled "Bênçãos Que Não Têm Fim.” Her version went top 5 on the “Top 50-Brazil” playlist, the highest placement ever for a Gospel/Christian song. It also went on to earn more than 70M streams in less than four months, a staggering number for a song about faith originally recorded in English. The two versions combined now have more than 12M user-generated short-form video creations across Instagram and TikTok that account for well over 1B views. Additionally, the official music videos for the song account for more than 100M views (YouTube).

“It hasn’t been anything to do with me,” Seph says. “I was on my honeymoon when the song blew up and was doing zero promotion. To see the Lord taking it and doing something great with it has been so amazing. I can’t take credit for it.” Another standout track from Counting My Blessings, “Stay,” is a moving, emotional ballad showcasing Seph’s soaring vocals, sharing how God’s presence is the only thing we need. “I wrote this song with Colby Wedgeworth and for us, it was saying, ‘Lord, as long as You’re with me, I’m gonna be okay. I can face anything. Things will be all right if You’re with me.’”

“Running Back To You,” co-written with Jacob Sooter, is a driving, high-energy, joyful song about the freedom found in repentance. “This song’s about how His arms are always open, even when we make mistakes,” Seph says. “There’s joy in turning around, joy in repentance and coming back to the Father.” Seph’s most personal song, “Love Me Still,” is a piano-driven ballad celebrating God’s open arms. “You know how when you’re a kid and you mess up and you sort of hide from your parents for a while? That’s how I would sometimes approach the Lord. If I did something I knew I shouldn’t have, I’d try and fly under the radar thinking God was going to be mad at me. But He’s the best place to go when you mess up. We need to go right to Him. His love doesn’t change. He loves us still.”

For Seph, launching Counting My Blessings on the heels of a viral hit only adds to his prayer for these songs. “I hope this EP gives people a framework for Jesus. These songs are my loaves and my fish for the Lord. If He wants to multiply it, that’s great. Multiplication isn’t my job, faithfulness is. If no one on earth heard my songs but only heaven sang them, that would be enough.”
Red Street Records artist, Cade Thompson, is an energetic and soulful Contemporary Christian music artist with a sound that appeals to believers and mainstream pop audiences alike. Cade’s effortless style promotes his personal musical influences, which draws heavily from the church. Cade has an admirable ability to transform his thoughts and faith into a powerful collection of melodies and lyrics that inspire people of all ages to step into all that God has for them.

Cade has had an affinity with music since his toddler days when even a preschool teacher noticed him frequently harmonizing early on, and eventually progressed through piano, guitar and drum lessons. After joining the youth worship team in 6th grade, a music mentor came into his life who emphasized the importance of seeking God through the Bible outside of a worship setting. This understanding placed Cade on a deeper course of encountering the love of the Father and seeking His presence more intently. In these early teen years, Cade knew God was calling him into music ministry and giving him opportunities to grow in that calling.

God has continued to reveal Cade’s heart, the outpouring has resulted in a strong connection to his generation sonically and lyrically. Shortly after finishing high school, Cade moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Following his move, Cade signed a record deal with Red Street Records, an independent Christian label founded by Rascal Flatts member, Jay DeMarcus. Thompson made waves across the Christian music community with the release of his debut single, “Provider” and in August 2020, earned his first Top 20 Billboard charting single with “Every Step of the Way.” He has also seen huge success online, where his music has earned over sixty million streams to date.

Cade hit the ground running in 2021 and 2022, with a consistent lineup of shows across the nation opening for some of CCM’s biggest names. Cade’s debut album, Bigger Story, was released in September 2021 and paved the way for his upcoming sophomore album, Empty Room. Dropping in April 2023, this project will host 12 powerful tracks including Cade’s current radio single “Good God,” which follows his massively successful “Arms of Jesus” that racked up over sixteen million streams to date.
Living in Nashville, TN, Jesse Labelle writes and sings his own brand of Country and Christian Music straight from the heart.

Jesse’s honest vocal delivery and captivating live show have landed him on stages with some of musics greatest entertainers of all time including opening for Garth Brooks on his 2019 Stadium Tour, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, and even Sir Elton John.

A first round GRAMMY nominated singer and songwriter, Jesse regularly writes within the circles of Nashvilles elite songwriting community, having won multiple awards and achieved both Gold and Platinum record certification as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

With a heart for service and a steadfast student of his faith, when Jesse is not touring, he can always be found serving the needs of his local community through various non-for-profit organizations, and leading worship at his home church at Crosspoint in Nashville, TN.
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