May 2, 2024

Josiah Queen The Prodigal Tour

Memorial Auditorium

628 3rd St

Graham, TX 76450-3102

Doors 06:00 PM
Event 07:00 PM
This event has ended.


Josiah Queen is bringing The Prodigal Tour live to a city near you w/ special guests Jimmy Clifton and Claire Leslie! This will be a special night or worship and songs that you don't want to miss. Josiah's music serves as a beacon of light and hope for this generation and ministry is at the forefront of everything for him. We're looking forward to having you join us for the tour and see you soon!


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Josiah Queen

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Memorial Auditorium

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A young Josiah Queen, only 9 years old, attended a young adults’ conference with tens of thousands of believers in Kansas City, accompanied by his parents. Amidst the buzz of the event, he encountered God for the first time, and his life was completely changed. After this event, Josiah recalls having the desire to write his own worship songs.

Guided by the verses of Psalms from the Bible, Josiah translated his newfound spiritual connection into melodies on his piano. The words of the scriptures became the building blocks of his compositions, infusing his music with a depth that resonates with the human experience.

From those early days, an unshakable passion for crafting music took root in Josiah’s heart. Every day turned into an opportunity to create lyrics and harmonies that reflected his devotion and the profound lessons he found in the Bible. Every Friday night, he remembers leading prayer sessions at a local church where he would spontaneously sing songs inspired straight from the Bible. At the age of 16, he recorded his debut track, “God of Miracles,” a song about witnessing God’s miraculous movements in our ordinary lives. However, this was just the prologue. Josiah’s journey had only begun.

On some weekends, Josiah would travel with his mother, who was a traveling preacher. He would lead worship alongside these communities of believers and witnessed the powerful impact a song could have. At 18, while working at a car wash, he fervently prayed for a path that would enable him to turn his musical dreams of becoming a Christian songwriter into reality.

Josiah felt an undeniable calling to share the songs that he wrote in his bedroom with the world. Social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram became his stage, and his music resonated deeply with hearts far and wide. With each upload, a community blossomed, drawn to the authenticity of his verses and the sincerity of his devotion.

Then, in April, a song emerged that would amplify the impact of his journey. Titled “I am Barabbas,” this composition offered a poignant perspective on a Biblical narrative. It invited listeners to experience the story of Barabbas—the prisoner pardoned in exchange for Jesus’ crucifixion. The emotional depth of the song struck a chord, amassing millions of views and earning a place among Billboard’s “Top 50 Hottest Christian Songs.”

As an independent musician without a record deal, Josiah Queen stands as a testament to the power of dedication and the resonance of a harmonious melody. His journey, crafted with faith-filled lyrics and heartfelt melodies, is an anthem of authenticity and devotion.

Josiah’s music bridges the gap between humanity and divinity, inviting all who listen to encounter the character of God. His verses serve as a conduit for connection, inspiration, and divine harmony, reflecting his unwavering commitment to both his music and his faith. In a world yearning for truth and meaning, Josiah Queen’s melodies offer solace, purpose, and a resonant reminder of the extraordinary power of faith-fueled music. Josiah and his wife, Trinity, travel together and share the gospel.
This event has ended.
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